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Ventilation is a key parameter directly affecting the hygiene and human comfort in indoor spaces, such as houses, office buildings, theaters, shopping malls, etc. Especially nowadays, where most of our time is spent indoors, the significance of good ventilation is growing bigger. However, great concern has to be given in the ducting systems, which directs the air through the indoor spaces.

Considering as an example a big office building in the center of a town, in which air handling units are used to treat (cool down or heat up) the ambient air (common practice). The treated air is then guided through complex air ducting systems which distributes the air in all indoor spaces. Despite of the air filtration units that are usually used in air handling systems, dust particles, humidity and other airborne bacteria are transferred in ducts with the incoming air and as a result proper circumstances for bacteria growth are created throughout certain time period, leading to air pollution and all those symptoms that characterizes a sick building.

Therefore, it can be easily realized that proper maintenance and monitoring of the ducting systems has to be made frequently, so that to be kept always clean and free of any microbial agents.

Relevant European and International organizations, having realized the importance of clean ducts, have set various criteria guidelines, with which the cleanliness level of ducts can be defined, as well as inspection and cleaning intervals that have to be followed for the scope.

Our company, having recognized the complete absence of such a service in the Cyprus market, had come into an agreement with the world’s leader manufacturer in the field of air duct cleaning systems, the Finnish company LIFA AIR LTD, which represents for the local market for the last four years. Since then, a large product portfolio of duct cleaning equipment is available, including HVAC and kitchen duct cleaning systems, offered with relevant training in our establishments and after sales support.

Moreover, MONIMAX has developed its own duct cleaning crew, equipped with well trained and experienced personnel, which is able to undertake any kind of relevant project. The company is certified with ISO 9001 for the above scope. Executed projects

Analytically, we are offering the following services:

  • Air duct inspection
  • Microbial growth & bacteria sampling
  • Mechanical duct cleaning
  • Duct disinfection

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