Monitoring Solutions ... for Maximum Performance


Many people nowadays suffers from different problems appeared from time to time in their establishments, from many different reasons, negatively affecting the hygiene and comfort in the space. Constructural defects and improper building material selection causes humidity and mold problems. Air dust currying particles creates unpleasant, discomfort environment that oftenly leads to respiratory problems and pulmonary diseases. Micro-organisms that are curried by the dust, such as dust mites and carpet beetles, can create huge health problems, mostly in infants and elderly people.

MONIMAX specializes in the detection and elimination of building hygiene problems, aiming to offer reliable and fast solutions to its customers. Its highly trained personnel, as well as its specialized equipment can guarantee the desired results in minimum time.

Specifically, we are offering the following services:

  • Indoor Air Quality measurements.
  • Dust mites elimination through¬† UV-C disinfection, in all kind of fabric surfaces (i.e. mattresses, carpets, furniture, etc.)
  • Fumigation.
  • Air Sampling.


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