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The ability to determine the quality of a liquid medium reliably and accurately is considered as a must for the professionals out in the industry wants to provide high quality products to their customers and save money at the same time.

Liquid quality monitoring is a procedure that allows you to decide the suitability of a liquid medium in different kind of applications:

  • Potable water networks,
  • Irrigation water networks (possibly from waste water),
  • Waste water treatment plants,
  • Desalination treatment plants,
  • Laboratories.

MONIMAX can definitely become your reliable partner in liquid quality monitoring. Through its cooperation with HORIBA, the world’s leader in water quality monitoring equipment manufacturing, can provide liquid analysis instruments highly precise, extremely reliable and easy to operate, which are widely used in a variety of the manufacturing process such as chemical process, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, power, oil refinery, pulp & paper industries and much more.

Our highly qualified personnel can respond to any of your requests, always providing a solution at the minimum possible time.
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