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The prediction, recording and analysis of the different weather changes and extreme weather phenomena, are considered as vital information for our every day activities. Weather parameters are useful in many applications and thus their precise and accurate recording is of great importance, especially when used as primary criteria for the determination of further actions.

In the other hand, weather changes are directly influenced by the environmental pollution caused by human activity, which can be also and should be monitored, always having in mind the different meteorological parameters at the site at that moment.

MONIMAX specializes in this field, since its establishment, offering high quality meteorological equipment and complete solutions according to demand, as well as after sales service and maintenance.

Its cooperation with the german manufacturer THIES CLIMA, which represents for the Cyprus market, gives our company a competitive advantage, since these are considered state of the art, durable, reliable and highly accurate equipment.

In an attempt to meet every customer requirement and offer tailor made solutions, MONIMAX established cooperation with the software provider ENVITECH LTD, an Israeli company that specializes in the development of environmental and meteorological software solutions.

These two main partners, gives MONIMAX the ability to design, install and operate any kind of meteorological application that will suit every need:

Meteorological Stations
For PV plants managers and investors, the precise monitoring of the system performance parameters is an absolute priority, both at short and long term. In the short term, to monitor conversion efficiency or possible faults and malfunctioning. In the long term, to guarantee investments and its return. To assess a site wind conditions, in order to define if it suitable for wind power plant construction, compact wind data logging systems and software are available. Furthermore, towers for fixing sensors at different heights are also available.
Environmental Stations
Weather stations to define pollution fallouts in the lower atmosphere and to joint pollution measurements data from air quality monitoring system to meteorological conditions.
Hydro-Meteorological Stations
Systems to measure flows and levels in river and lakes. Rain gauges, water and snow level sensors, evaporimeters, radiometers and water/ snow water content sensors are also useful in this application to evaluate water balance of hydrological basins. Also water quality sensors are available.
Agricultural Stations
Systems for the measures of the meteorological parameters in agronomic application for the determination of potential causes of field disease and environmental stress.
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