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MONIMAX LTD was established on February 14th, 2006 under Registration No. HE172245.

Identifying the importance of air quality, considering the increasing pollution rate of the planet, as well as the need of adequate air quality monitoring, the company originally focused on turnkey solutions for ambient air quality.

The cooperation agreement with one of the leading gas analyzer manufacturers, “Horiba GmbH”, which was afterwards became an exclusive representation for the local market, helped the company to create a complete portfolio of instrumentation for ambient air quality monitoring. Moreover, enables the company’s engineers to develop useful knowledges so that to have the ability to offer expert services in the field. In a later stage, the company’s portfolio was further expanded with Horiba’s liquid analyzers.

At the same time, MONIMAX was trying to enrich the products and services offered, in other related fields of ambient air monitoring, that would helped the company grow bigger. In 2007 MONIMAX came into an exclusive representation agreement with the German meteorological instrument manufacturer “Thies Clima GmbH”, managing to introduce in the local market “state of the art” weather monitoring instrumentation.

In search of new, innovative ideas, products and services in the field of air quality, as well as recognizing the complete absence of such, as far as it concerns indoors, the company made a strategic decision to expand its operations in indoor air quality. In December 2007, MONIMAX finally signed an exclusive representation agreement with the biggest global manufacturer in the field, Lifa Air Ltd and became the leading company in Cyprus in indoor air quality.

Having developed important knowledges and skills in indoor air quality and building hygiene, through its constantly presence in relevant international forums, workshops and seminars, MONIMAX has created in 2010 a new business activity, under the flag of “Building Management”.

Today, MONIMAX LTD is a well established company in the local market that enjoys the reputation of a dynamic and progressive organisation, offering a complete range of products and services to its customers. Dedicated to quality and high standards’ services, MONIMAX constantly monitors the global market and selects the most advanced and innovative solutions for its valued customers.
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