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There is definitely no doubt that the uncontrolled human activity towards the technological advances during the last few decades, lead to the gradual environmental degradation. Greenhouse phenomenon and global warming are the unfortunate negative effects of it that forced the international community to set a number of rules and directives, in an attempt to save the planet from further possible destructions.

However, in order to be able to proceed into any kind of remediation, you have to define the actual magnitude of the problem, which can only be realised upon specialist measurements.

MONIMAX is specializing in air pollution monitoring systems for both, ambient air quality, as well as industrial emissions applications. We are representing HORIBA, the world’s leader manufacturer in process and environmental equipment, as well as closely cooperating with many other companies in the field.

A metal mobile/static station
Industrial emission
continues monitoring system
Complete air quality monitoring station


We are offering a wide range of advanced air quality monitoring systems, from individual analysers to sophisticated turnkey networks, with after sales service and operational back-up.


"We are contributing in environmental safety, by introducing state of the art measurement technologies."

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