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Company structure
Taking into consideration the factors that affect organisational structure, a flat structure was implemented. All the department managers, Sales, Marketing, Technical, I.T., Accounting and Administration report directly to the managing director. This flat structure, only two hierarchical levels, improved communication and helped decision-making. The decentralisation improved the motivation of the department managers and the other employees by giving them greater responsibility and freedom. Also made the respond to local problems faster and more effective.

Led by a strong, highly experienced management team, we have embarked on a programme, aiming the leading position in the industry. At the centre of this transformation is the commitment of the management to recruit outstanding professionals with wealth knowledge in specific fields including, marketing, sales, and business leadership.

After Sales Service
Realising that delivery the latest technology products, as well as knowledge and methodologies that have to do with monitoring equipment was not possible without the right after sales support, the development of a highly competitive after sales service team was a top priority.

The firm’s strategy focuses on high quality after sales services to achieve competitive advantage. For this reason and for the desire to remain close, maintain and nature the personal trust relation with the clients, a team of multidisciplinary individuals with strong expertise in the fields of mechanical, environmental and computer engineering has been recruited. Our after sales service team provides a vital support to our clients and ensure consistent high level of services.

Core Competencies
Our core competence relies on the way we manage marketing, sales, technical, accounting, human resources, and the relationships with customers and other organisations so well and consistently over time. This management of linkages gives us a competitive advantage which is very difficult for a competitor to imitate. Also the strong adaptive culture of our company which promotes innovation, risk taking, trusting, and proactive approach to organisational as well as individual life provide a competitive advantage which is not easy for a competitor to imitate. This culture enables problems to be identified and solutions to be implemented.

We represent world leaders in the Environmental industry, some of them in an exclusive basis, such as:

    • HORIBA EUROPE GmbH (Ambient Air & Liquid Quality)
    • THIES CLIMA (Meteorological equipment)
    • ENVITECH LTD (Environmental Software Solutions )
    • NGNS-Ingenious Solutions Lda (Fire Detection Solutions)
    • LIFA AIR LTD (Indoor Air Quality)
    • GrayWolf Ltd (Indoor Air Quality)
    • Hygienitech (Indoor Air Quality)


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