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The thorough and complete management of a building establishment, either this is an apartment or an office building, is very complex and demanding, especially when it involves technical, financial, or even law issues.

Very often, several problems appear, either because of awareness of the building manager, or due to indifference from the building inhabitants. As a result, the building is suffering from improper maintenance that has a direct effect in the quality of life and safety of its inhabitants. Moreover, the building’s actual value, as a property, depreciates significantly, as more and more problems remain unsolved.

The only way to avoid all the above and further more, is to trust a professional to do the building management for you!

MONIMAX can definitely do the job for you, properly and reliably. Our in house staff (including engineers and administrative personnel), together with our vast network of associates, can respond to any requirement and give the best possible solution, at minimum time.

We aim to offer in all our customers, high quality services, through which the building will enjoy high level maintenance.

In our offices, we maintain records, separately for each building, for all the activities taking place, available any time to the management committee to review.

Please download our brochure for further information regarding our building management services.


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